2 + 2 = 4 or not?

A photo essay on 2 + 2 = 4 or not?

All images were taken on my 4s iPhone and app’d through framestastic and instagram. Mx

studio language
studio language
beach heart leaf - melinda blair paterson
beach heart leaf
beach blue - melinda blair paterson
beach blues
watch out for penguins - melinda blair paterson
watch out for penguins 🙂
beach hip - melinda blair paterson
beach hipster
beach balloons - melinda blair paterson
beach balloons
pink coral sand
pink coral sand
stingray love
stingray love
Bali steps - melinda blair paterson
bali steps

23 thoughts on “2 + 2 = 4 or not?

  1. you have captured the uncapturable – the magic of Byron that is so difficult to put into words.

    on top of that, you didn’t even make me homesick – these images are so special, they capture the magic of Byron and send it out to the world, in one “aputure” of healing

    amazing! Thank you for this magic, Melinda.

    anyone who has ever been to Byron Bay, East Coast Australia, will know exactly what i mean by the Byron magic. xx

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    1. Oh Debbie that is so kind of you. Byron is certainly close to my heart. I have spent many moments walking and loving the beaches and countryside here, and receiving much much much love in return. Mx


      1. that your are blogging about byron is a gift to the world, from byron, delivered by melinda.
        that we have met here on this blogging community is serendipitous.

        i was in on the byron beach on 22/12/12…. amazing time and place… seeing the sun rise over australia’s most easterly point on the dawn of the new world…

        send my love to byron xxx

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      1. So, I take it that it is summer there for you now? (Yes, my geography skills are weak for that part of the world.) Oh, to travel and visit. I guess that is why I love reading blogs from this class. Blogs like yours help me to “see” the world. Thanks again!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Virginia, USA…I have family who have traveled and visited Australia. I have been to China, but my hopes are to visit Australia, Ireland, and France. Three places I’ve always had a kindred spirit when I see pictures or thoughts shared about them. Maybe, when I get to Australia, I can plan to look you up. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I get to travel there sometime. Happy Blogging!

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