why the blog

A place. . . to share my love of art and awareness

sahaja peace (detail) - Melinda Blair Paterson

I’m an artist living in the Byron Bay Shire of New South Wales, Australia and am passionate about awareness or consciousness and expressing this through art.

I  started my artistic career over 10 years ago with a spontaneous awakening after my mother passed away in 2002. I spent the first five years painting intuitively without any formal training, but somewhere along the way I got the idea I needed to go to art school so that I could say I was ‘a real artist’.

After three years of training and a lot of frustration I finished with some wonderful technical skills but felt completely devoid of what had been an innate intuitive joyful expression in my life. It took me another three years to stop listening to the critical conceptual voices in my head that were very much of the contemporary art world speak.

Now I’m happy to say I am standing as an artist that paints and creates from that that has no name and is beyond the conceptual mind. I call it ‘consciousness-ism’.

I was recently asked to feature my work on an artisan’s blog called ‘the awakened eye’. This blog features artists that express their work from a non dual perspective. It was such a liberating experience. I finally felt I was able to talk about my art without having to dumb it down for the contemporary conceptual art world. I was able to speak about my art in a way that is about consciousness.

This experience has prompted the creation of this blog. A place I can continue to share my love of art and awareness in a way that is hopefully an offering and invitation of beauty to life.


Melinda  Blair Paterson



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