sewing october

Wrap Skirt (detail) - Vintage Balinese Fabric - Melinda Blair Paterson - 2015
Wrap Skirt (detail) – Vintage Balinese Fabric – MBPblue design – 2015

Sewing?… Me?…. you’ve got to be kidding! This craft was not a priority of learning in my childhood home. It even became a family joke that if you ever happened to find my beautiful and glamorous mother behind a sewing machine, she was usually standing up, because she never planned to be there for very long.

Therefore, to my surprise I found myself sewing during the month of October. It started with a delightful purchase of two vintage cotton sarongs, found buried in the back of a fabric shop whilst on holiday in Ubud, Bali, earlier this year. I had the idea I would use them as skirts for summer. However when I got home I began to feel this wave of inspiration to make some simple summer garments for myself. No patterns, zips or button holes… just square zen shapes with some detail stitching.

I borrowed a sewing machine from a friend, bought a few cottons, heading tape, embroidery threads, a good pair of fabric scissors, picked up a selection of cotton sheets and vintage fabrics from the local op shop, and away I went!

Not knowing the correct process for sewing a garment or how to use a pattern, I just approached it like starting a painting. I’d lay out the fabric on the floor and see how it spoke to me. What could I feel or imagine this piece of fabric wanted to be? I cut out simple shapes, pinned them together and tried them on. Can I get this on and off over my head? Does it fit over my body contours comfortably? Does it hang ok? Oh blast I can’t be bothered with facing on necklines, why don’t I just leave it raw and add a bit of contrast stitching?

The first couple of garments were tabard dresses with low slung self-ties for belts. Next a piece of natural linen became a mini pinafore dress with white cotton curtain gathering tape for straps. Wow… I was amazed. Even managed to do french seams to keep everything looking very tidy, thank you very much!

A beautiful piece of navy chambrey denim became a reversable day/evening wrap skirt, leaving the narrow white selfridge as detail on the front panel. At this point I did teach myself how to make a handstitched button hole, mastering blanket stitch via the wonders of You Tube. Thank God everyone wants to share their DIY skills via home video these days.

And on it went… a straight skirt with self-tie in a crazy vintage fabric, a super wide leg pant from old cotton sheets with paper bag top when tied with pale pink heading tape. (A bit like the old fisherman pants.) My out-of-date coral maxi silk skirt (hardly worn) was reconfigured into a short strappy summer evening dress with detail stitching at the back to gather it into correct width.

It was at this point I decided to become brave and make a patttern from an old wrap skirt. Whallah! Two summer A-line wrap skirts from the Balinese vintage cotton fabric – one long, one short. OMG I was becoming a dressmaking machine!… and having so much fun. 🙂

I couldn’t wait to get up out of bed in the morning and make another garment. I wasn’t interested in catch up tv or cuppas with the girlfriends. I was flying on the joy of unabandoned creativity, not having a clue what I was doing and loving, relishing, delighting in every minute of it.

The pieces of fabric began to run out so the garments were adjusted in size and shape to what was available, hence a couple of crop tops were next, followed buy another wrap skirt in the first piece of new fabric – calico – from Spotlight. To this I added a crazy Carmen Miranda-like applique, cut out from the last piece of vintage fabric.

And that was it… four weeks… twelve garments… all ready to greet the hot humid 2015 summer of sub-tropical Byron Bay.

Absolutely Fabulous darling!


Here are some of my favorites from the MBPblue Shy Summer Collection 🙂

Tabard Dress - Reclaimed Fabric - Melinda Blair Paterson - 2015
Tabard Dress – Reclaimed Fabric – MBPblue design – 2015
Tabard Dress (detail) - Reclaimed Fabric - Melinda Blair Paterson - 2015
Tabard Dress (detail) – Reclaimed Fabric – MBPblue design – 2015
Cropped Top - Vintage Fabric - Melinda Blair Paterson - 2015
Cropped Top – Vintage Fabric – MBPblue design – 2015
Cropped Top (detail) - Vintage Fabric - Melinda Blair Paterson - 2015
Cropped Top (detail) – Vintage Fabric – MBPblue design – 2015
Wrap Skirt - Calico and Vintage Fabric - Melinda Blair Paterson - 2015
Wrap Skirt – Calico and Vintage Fabric – MBPblue design – 2015
Wrap Skirt (detail) - Calico and Vintage Fabric - Melinda Blair Paterson - 2015
Wrap Skirt (detail) – Calico and Vintage Fabric – MBPblue design – 2015


up scaling

  IMG_7964-0untitled   66cms diameter   pen on paper   2015   melinda blair paterson

At the beginning of this year, during the Australian summer, I found it too hot in the studio for my art practice, located in a shipping container on the property where I live. So I switched to a cooler location, ie my desk in the cabin, and began creating spontaneous small pen and pencil drawings, whilst listening to Rupert Spira’s meditations ‘The Light of Pure Knowing’. The intention was to let the hand have it’s way, put the mind on pause, and see what comes!

Some of these drawings I have shared with you on this blog over the past six months. Each one bringing forth a sense of delight and love for me in the making, and a feeling of returning to, or reconnecting with, a more intuitive process in my artistic expression. More recently I’ve noticed the ‘almost daily’ practice began to disappear. The pull to the desk dissolved. So I waited.

With the summer months rolling over into winter,  I knew the weather conditions for studio practice were returning. However, another factor I must take into account is rain. You see if it’s raining I can’t go into the studio either, as the only access to light is by opening the container doors wide open. It provides a wonderful vista down the valley but not ideal for trying to keep artwork moisture or mould free. So with a week of wet weather approaching I decided to bring an easel, pin board, a large piece of paper into my tiny cabin, and ‘up scale’ my drawing practice.

Yes, it was a bit squeezy at home, but when you live on your own, it’s the kind of thing you can do. It’s also one of my favourite things… to be tucked up in the cabin creating when it’s wild, wet and windy outside. Bliss!

The above image is the piece created in that week. A drawing of spontaneous mark-making influenced by, and drawn from, the series of smaller drawings created over the past six months. It remains untitled and without colour, as I am unsure about either at this time. So I wait.


loving each new creation

untitled  -  12Mar15  - pen and pencil  - melinda blair paterson
untitled – 12Mar15 – pen and pencil – melinda blair paterson

I have a confession…

I watch myself fall madly in love with each new artwork I create.

Even the ugly ducklings.

It’s always been this way.

In the moment, when pen and pencil or brush and paint, are doing their mindless abandoned thing… its pure joy tearing through my veins whilst the finished creation is delighted in and loved like a new-born child. Carefully placed where my gaze can intermittently check, re-check, and greet the new one.

It’s a curiosity because I’m not saying every piece of artwork I produce IS fantastic, however the experiencing is.

The conclusion I’ve come to is the creative expression springs forth from the Truth of who I am, the Love that we all are, and thus creates this wonderous mad alive loving experiencing.  🙂