loving each new creation

untitled  -  12Mar15  - pen and pencil  - melinda blair paterson
untitled – 12Mar15 – pen and pencil – melinda blair paterson

I have a confession…

I watch myself fall madly in love with each new artwork I create.

Even the ugly ducklings.

It’s always been this way.

In the moment, when pen and pencil or brush and paint, are doing their mindless abandoned thing… its pure joy tearing through my veins whilst the finished creation is delighted in and loved like a new-born child. Carefully placed where my gaze can intermittently check, re-check, and greet the new one.

It’s a curiosity because I’m not saying every piece of artwork I produce IS fantastic, however the experiencing is.

The conclusion I’ve come to is the creative expression springs forth from the Truth of who I am, the Love that we all are, and thus creates this wonderous mad alive loving experiencing.  🙂


doodling with Rupert

it has been brought to an end in understanding   2015   words – Rupert Spira,  drawing – Melinda Blair Paterson

It has been going on for a week or so now, this love affair with Rupert Spira, or rather his recent published work ‘The light of pure knowing‘, some 30 meditations on the essence of non duality. 

I sit at my desk, take my journal in hand, push the play arrow on the iPad, and enjoy an hour or so of exquisite pleasure listening to Rupert whilst doodling with black pen and colour pencils. I’ve coined it ‘contemplative doodling’. 

Every now and then a few words spoken by Rupert, in his elogent English accent, filter through and I write them down. Words that unknowingly penetrate the mindless abstraction of doodling, and strike a note of connection and deeper understanding. I love that. Mx

the object comes to us, we don’t go to it   2015   words – Rupert Spira   drawing – Melinda Blair Paterson

beauty is the experience that objects are not objects   2015   words – Rupert Spira   drawing – Melinda Blair Paterson

being aware in everything   2015   Melinda Blair Paterson

floating in awareness, forever free   2015   Melinda Blair Paterson

how close is this experience to the knowing of it?   2015   words – Rupert Spira  drawing – Melinda Blair Paterson

contemplative doodling

Then I watch whilst the hand, pen, pencil, just does its thing. An effortless joy to experience.


I live in a small space, a cabin to be exact, and my art studio is an equally small space, a shipping container. It encourages a zen-like approach to possessions, which I love.
During the summer months it is too hot to work in the studio, so this week I surrendered the small bunk bed in the cabin, which was becoming a dumping ground, and put in a desk. This way I can still continue my creative practice even on days when it is too hot, wet or cold to go down to the studio.
Whilst setting up the desk I found some old drawings from my post art school days of 2011 and felt inspired to play. It feels a bit like doodling and yet offers an element of the contemplative approach, especially whilst listening to Luke Howard. I find his music such a gift for letting go of thought and shifting gear into the heart. Then I watch whilst the hand, pen, pencil, just does its thing. An effortless joy to experience. Mx

drawings from 2011

the hope of orange – pen and pencil – 2015 – melinda blair paterson

finding myself clinging to strange places – pen and pencil – 2015 – melinda blair paterson

love’s structure – pen and pencil – 2015 – melinda blair paterson

the hub 🙂


‘Sahaja’ is a sanskrit word for ‘innate’ or ‘born with’.

A selection of recent works created with layers of acrylic paint,
poured onto white backgrounds.

sahaja earth   120x120cms   acrylic on canvas   2014   melinda blair paterson


Sahaja …
humbly borrowed from a beautiful language
quietly slipped into the title
lovingly pointing the viewer to look
from whence they came


Sahaja Peace   100x100cms   acrylic on canvas   2014   Melinda Blair Patersonsahaja peace   100x100cms   acrylic on canvas   2014   melinda blair paterson


swirling inward to a watery rest
falling on the breast of unknown
always calling the wanderer home
if she will only listen


Sahaja Sound  90x90cms  acrylic on canvas  2014  Melinda Blair Paterson sahaja sound   90x90cms   acrylic on canvas   2014   melinda blair paterson


your sound rolls through like distant thunder
parting my lips and heart to allow
the exhale of your tone and warning
guiding the lover home


freedom’s just another word for . . .

meditation achieves nothing – our minds are already free!

Longchenpa and rose - melinda blair paterson

A few days ago I posted a drawing from The Daily Think relating to a seven year old’s perspective on recent events in Paris. In the re-blogging, and on a whim, I wrote some rather romantic thoughts on freedom.

Fast forward and I’m sitting with a friend discussing the same. She told me her perspective on ‘freedom’ was different. I didn’t think to ask her at the time what that was, however, over the next few days the question often returned to my awareness… “I wonder what her knowing of ‘freedom’ is?”

Well it seems she heard my question, floating around out there in mind-land, so I felt surprised and delighted to receive an email from her with these words on freedom by 14th Century Dzogchen master Longchenpa :

Freedom attends reality:
free at the core, any effort is wasted;
timelessly free, no release is needed;
free in itself, no corrective is possible;
directly free, released in seeing;
completely free, pure in nature;
constantly free, familiarization is redundant;
and naturally free, freedom cannot be contrived.
yet ‘freedom’ is just a verbal convention,
and who is ‘realized’ and who is not?
how could anyone be ‘liberated’?
how could anyone be lost in samsara?
reality is free of all delimitation!
freedom is timeless, so constantly present;
freedom is natural, so unconditional;
freedom is direct, so pure vision obtains;
freedom is unbounded, so no identity possible;
freedom is unitary, so multiplicity is consumed.
conduct changes nothing – our lives are already free!
meditation achieves nothing – our minds are already free!
the view realizes nothing – all dogma is freedom!
fruition demands nothing – we are free as we are!

It doesn’t get much clearer than that.

Thanks friend. Mx

ps… apologies to any Janis Joplin fans to my obvious borrowing of lyrics  from one of her classics… Me and Bobby McG… for my post’s title.  Another one of my whims. 🙂


2 + 2 = 4 or not?

A photo essay on 2 + 2 = 4 or not?

All images were taken on my 4s iPhone and app’d through framestastic and instagram. Mx

studio language
studio language
beach heart leaf - melinda blair paterson
beach heart leaf
beach blue - melinda blair paterson
beach blues
watch out for penguins - melinda blair paterson
watch out for penguins 🙂
beach hip - melinda blair paterson
beach hipster
beach balloons - melinda blair paterson
beach balloons
pink coral sand
pink coral sand
stingray love
stingray love
Bali steps - melinda blair paterson
bali steps

beauty in imperfection

. . . that was the moment I became educated
about an ancient practice in Japan, known as ‘kintsugi’.

plate by Blossom Young, Moonrise Studios, Mullumbimby, Australia

Living life in a small space tends to encourage zen-like simplicity. I find myself giving due consideration to most objects I bring home. So when it comes to items that are not of a practical nature, I am even more ruthless in my weighing up. I ask myself… do I really need it?

I’ve wandered in and out of Moonrise Studios in Mullumbimby for over a year now. Stopping to admire and desire the hand-made ceramics by the gallery owner, Blossom Young, more times than I’d like to admit. So when the buying of Christmas gifts was recently on the agenda, I decided to treat myself.

I explored every surface of this beautiful little white, light filled, gallery looking for the right piece . Being on a budget, my choices became refined. I was just about to give up when I noticed a little plate nestled on a shelf behind the front counter, with a blue web-like design, and asked if I could see it. Oh it has a crack in it… damn… (think again)… oh that doesn’t matter, it’s the design I love and it’s the perfect size. I asked Blossom if the crack could be filled, and that was the moment I became educated about an ancient practice in Japan, known as ‘kintsugi’.

The term ‘kintsugi’ means golden joinery in Japanese and refers to the ancient art of fixing broken ceramics with a lacquer resin made to look like solid gold. It is thought that these vessels become more gorgeous, and more precious, than before they were fractured. Many Japanese cherish the imperfection of a broken pot repaired in this way, seeing it as a creative addition and/or rebirth of the pot’s life story. (Source: Dick Lehman)

I had to wait about a week while Blossom lovingly filled the cracked plate before it was bought home for ‘kintsugi’. The sense of ritual was immediately apparent. The appropriate materials were gathered and laid out on the table: cotton gloves, small fine brushes, specialist glue and gold leaf sheets. Slowly the glue was applied to the crack line. A waiting of 15 minutes was needed for the glue to cure. Sitting patiently, an opportunity to bring presence to the task was deafening. Time’s up! A flutter of excitement as cotton gloved fingers tore tiny pieces of gold leaf from the glistening sheets; gently allowing them to float down on the tip of a brush onto the glue. Painstakingly the crack began to emerge as a volcanic outflow across the patterned landscape. It’s glowing imperfection now offering beauty and new life.

I love my little plate from Moonrise Studios. It sits on my bedroom dresser, offering it’s pattern and gold imperfection to my eye every day. It’s an object I’m glad I’ve brought into my small space. It gifts the simplest of pleasures. As an artist, it especially reminds me to allow the beauty of so called ‘imperfection’ into my creativity… and even more so, in life.


Note: Thanks to ceramicist, Dick Lehman, for his article – Kintsugi: gold repair of ceramic faults. The complete article is here.